A week of startup vibes on campus


USI Startup Centre

7 October 2022

USI Startup Centre launches a week dedicated to startups and innovation. Every evening at 6pm from October 10th to October 13th startup founders and innovators will be sharing their personal entrepreneurial journeys and openly discussing the successes and challenges they face.

Choose the conversation that interests you the most and stop by the USI truck on the west campus to get your voucher for a free drink (every day from 12.00 to 13.30). This event series is for anyone who is curious about entrepreneurship, has an idea or a startup, is interested in meeting like-minded individuals or wants to know more about the backstage of startup life.

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>> Why start a startup?
Mon, October 10th – Aula Magna, West Campus

Launching a startup can be quite a challenging journey, with long working hours and a great amount of uncertainty. Let’s talk about what drives startup founders and why they decided to try this path.

>> I have an idea, what’s next?
Tue, October 11th – Aula Magna, West Campus

Startups are not built in a day. Let’s talk about things startup founders can do to start transforming their idea into reality.

>> Innovation pushing the frontier of sustainability in architecture
Wed, October 12th – Palazzo Canavée, Academy of Architecture

New materials and technologies have the potential to make our buildings more sustainable. Let’s talk about the road from innovative concepts to real architectural projects and startups within architecture and construction space.

>> Things I got wrong as a startupper
Thu. October 13th – Aula Magna, West Campus

Mistakes and failures are an integral part of any startup journey and a valuable source of learning and motivation. Let’s talk about dealing with setbacks and moving forward when things do not work out.