W.A. De Vigier Award

Since the foundation’s establishment in 1987, the goal of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation has been to actively invigorate business development and further provide direct financial support (à fonds perdu) to young people with innovative business ideas wishing to build performance and growth oriented businesses in Switzerland. In the past 29 years, the foundation has distributed over CHF 11 million of seed capital. The results are about 84 ourishing startups, successful IPOs, multiple company exits and above all, many newly created jobs. The great track record of W.A. de Vigier Award winners is noticeable in the Top 100 Swiss Startup ranking: The top spots are regularly occupied by previous W.A. de Vigier Foundation Award winners.



IMPORTANT: It’s crucial that the CEO of the company applies and goes through the entire process personally. The application deadline is January 4, 2021. Please read the FAQ below and look at the list of important dates. You can apply in German, English or French. Start the registration and application process right here, right now! We’re excited to meet you!



  • We are going to evaluate:
  • Founder and entrepreneur profile
  • Innovative character
  • Overall relevance in society; the degree to which it satisfies an existing need
  • Feasibility of the project’s realisation from a
  1. technical standpoint
  2. financial standpoint
  • Chances of success on the market
  1. size of the potential market
  2. number of jobs created
  • Market competitiveness