Regenera SA is a med-tech start-up, aiming at translating into clinics its proprietary innovative combined approach for sub-acute spinal cord injury repair.


Giuseppe Perale

CEO, PhD in industrial biomedical engineering

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Spinal cord injuries, mostly of traumatic origin, are complex multi-factorial pathologies that currently impact ca. 250’000 new patients yearly worldwide, leaving them with permanent neurological impairments. Spinal cord injury has still unmet clinical needs: present tentative therapies indeed target at best only single components of this multi-factorial complex pathology.


Regenera SA proposes an innovative hybrid paradigm to counteract the cascade of events that follow after cord lesion. Trophic support to tissue plasticity and functional restoration is ensured by the paracrine effect driven by grafting autologous stem cells, outside lesioned parenchyma and duly hosted into an injectable resorbable hydrogel.

Core technology

Stem cells are harvested from patient during surgery and processing will occur at bed side, including mixing with the prepared proprietary hydrogel carrier that has the main characteristic of holding them in place while maintaining their stemness condition, hence allowing them to act as so-called medicinal cells.