Annual reports

Every year since 2021 we publish an annual report to outline main initiatives from the previous year and to share key numbers related to the USI Startup Centre activities, results achieved by startups participating to our incubation programme and highlights from our community.

USI Startup Centre Annual Report 2023

2023 was an eventful year for the USI Startup Centre, we focused on strengthening our incubation programme offering, enhancing partnerships and expanding the community. All of this while supporting some incredibly talented and inspiring early-stage startup founders building promising solutions and leveraging pioneering technologies.

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USI Startup Centre Annual Report 2022

USI Startup Centre continues to build a community of entrepreneurs and innovators on campus and to support promising early-stage science-based startup projects through a structured incubation programme. Furthermore, the new desk service launched in 2022 aims to provide initial feedback to founders who are still in the ideation phase through 1-hour individual meetings with members of the USI Startup Centre team.

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USI Startup Centre Annual Report 2021

The very first annual report of USI Startup Centre looks back at 2021 to highlight the progress made by the incubated startups and provides an overview of USI Startup Centre developments, events and other activities that foster an entrepreneurial culture, incentivise knowledge and experience sharing and support early-stage startup projects in their development. 

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