Opening event at Il Litorale


Il Litorale

Date: 11 April 2019 / 11:00 - 12:00

Piazza San Rocco, Quartiere Maghetti, Lugano

"Litorale" (seaboard) is a term that suggests the joining of land and sea. It expresses permeability, but also a landing place - for the navigator seeking firm ground - and a beginning - for exploring new horizons.

Il Litorale is the name of the new initiative of Università della Svizzera italiana to bring the academic world closer to the business world and civil society. In the spaces set up at the Quartiere Maghetti, in the heart of the City of Lugano, a "community of practice" will be developed where students and academics will be able to joing the entrepreneurial, civil and cultural context in an friendly and informal environment, thus developping an ecosystem that creates value thanks to the effects of "territorial contamination".

To underscore the joining of innovation, creativity and society, at the opening event of Il Litorale - Thursday, April 11 at 11AM at the Quartiere Maghetti - there will be a short demonstration of the technological creativity of SLUX, which has developed a system for the wireless transmission of data through a beam of light. SLUX is the brainchild of Alessandro Pasquali, a young inventor who, since the age of 16, has been developing wireless communication systems based on light instead of radio waves. His start-up SLUX, created and founded in Ticino, has so far registered 11 international patents and is continuing to make itself known in Switzerland and abroad. On the occasion of this inauguration, Alessandro will bring devices for transmission and reception with short-range light to allow non-experts to get to know this world from close up. In addition, it will bring a light transmission system that allows you to send signals (such as your voice) far away, outside of our planet and our solar system ...

By invitation: [email protected]