TicInsect receives Fossil-Free recognition from WWF Switzerland


Institutional Communication Service

17 May 2021

TicInsect, a Swiss startup incubated at the USI Startup Centre and active in the circular economy thanks to the valorisation of organic waste through the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens), will receive, on 21 May 2021, the Fossil-Free recognition by WWF Switzerland, Southern Switzerland chapter. The award ceremony will take place at the USI Startup Centre, on the Lugano East Campus.

The Fossil-Free recognition certifies TicInsect's commitment to being an active part of an economy based on renewable resources, distancing itself from the use of fossil fuels and contributing to reaching the goal of zero emissions by 2040, in order to avert a global climate crisis.

Please find attached the press release.


The Fossil Free movement aims to accelerate the transition to a 100% renewable energy society (Rooftop Solar), leave fossil fuels in the ground. No to any new coal, oil or gas plant and to convince institutions, pension funds and the stock market to divest from companies that promote the exploitation of fossil fuels. With this new recognition, WWF Southern Switzerland has joined the global Fossil Free movement.