Four new startup projects accepted into pre-incubation


USI Startup Centre

28 October 2022

An intelligent occupancy detector sensor, a system that facilitates correct medicine intake, an AI-powered solution to help address mental health issues, and a platform designed to transparently and efficiently match clients with professional service providers. These are the startup projects that were recently accepted into the pre-incubation at USI Startup Centre.

All four projects have USI students or alumni in the founding team. They come from different backgrounds, from finance to hospitality to informatics. Some of them are first-time founders, while others already have experience in starting a company or working for a startup. At this stage of the project development, the teams have already shaped the initial idea into a structured project and developed a first experimental proof of concept.

During the pre-incubation at USI Startup Centre, each startup team will follow a tailored roadmap developed together with the USI Startup Centre team and focused on validating the initial assumptions, testing the feasibility of the solution and developing a viable business model. Building an innovative product or solution is an iterative process involving multiple stakeholders and different barriers. The USI Startup Centre team supports the pre-incubated startup projects on this journey through training, coaching, and guidance to prepare the teams for the following steps, which include market launch and fundraising.