Top experts to support incubated startups


USI Startup Centre

8 February 2023

While developing their innovative projects, startup teams face a wide range of challenges in the most diverse fields, from legal to supply chain to fundraising. Therefore, besides internal expertise, USI Startup Centre established a network of seasoned external advisors that can support the teams with industry or subject matter advice, know-how and introductions.

The advisors come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of industry experience and a successful track record. They share a history of working with startups and helping the teams reach important milestones. In addition, many of them are also entrepreneurs and have often been through the same struggles multiple times. It makes collaboration with startup teams easier and helps avoid the 'language' barrier. 

At the moment, the network of advisors comprises 11 professionals but will continue to evolve in the future based on the needs of the incubated startups. The current external advisors are:

  • Claudio Bareato - Innovation Advisor, Auditor, Information Security Manager
  • Jon Becker - Founder and General Counsel, VitaSimplicity LLC
  • Dario Caleffi - Startup Mentor, Investor and Founder
  • Stefano Colombo - Founder and Director
  • Caterina Diglio - Startup Coach, Corporate Advisor, Entrepreneur (Foodtech & ICT sector)
  • Diego Fiorentini - Managing Partner, yourCFO
  • Gabriel Haering - Coach, Consultant, Co-Founder, Board Member and Advisor
  • Andrea Moroni Stampa - Coach, Consultant, Co-Founder, Board Member and Advisor
  • Silvia Panigone - CEO, ADYA
  • Andrea Realini - CEO, V3 SA
  • Jaqueline Ruedin Rüsch - Founding General Partner, Privilège Ventures SA

The founders can receive support from one or more advisors for specific questions or issues as part of their incubation journey. The USI Startup Centre team closely follows each startup project, works with the team through workshops and individual coaching, and involves the advisors when required. Combining internal and external support creates a tailored approach for every project and enables the teams to make the most out of their incubation journey.

Learn more about the USI Startup Center external advisors here.