Lighthouse Tech

We seek to improve the quality of life and well-being of the blind and the visually impaired by enhancing their ability to move about safely. To do so, we have developed a wearable, assistive, mobility device, LTH1.0  A sensor embedded on the temple of an eyewear frame scans the environment and alerts the user by means of a soft vibration on the handle of the white cane. 

LTH1.0 is impact-resistant and waterproof, ideal for the outdoors. The connectivity between the white cane and the sensor is Bluetooth, which has proven to be extremely reliable, so all combined we have an efficient device which ensures the safety of the user. It is light in weight, and all the components have been miniaturized and fitted in a module, which is invisible to the outside. The module is interchangeable between multiple optical frames in our custom-designed collection. 

The blind want to be as independent in their daily lives as possible. We are there to help with LTH1.0, a first in the field.