LegalTech startup that helps companies patent their inventions in a simpler and more affordable manner.




Companies often have trouble filing patents and managing their intellectual property. This comes with high risks, however, because they leave their core technologies unprotected. But where do they start given that obtaining a patent is expensive, there's lots of regulation to understand, and there's not many tools to help them out?



InCatalyst provides a platform that follows users across the drafting, filing, and post-filing stages of the patent lifecycle. Using Conversational AI, we help users draft robust patents. After that, we connect them to our internal team of patent attorneys, who handle the filing of the patent. Once the filing is done, all patent activity can be tracked and managed from an interactive dashboard, which is useful for requesting post-filing services such as annuity payments. Our main objective is to lower patenting costs and to guarantee higher chances of technology protection.


Core technology

Our core technology uses a human-in-the-loop Conversational AI system to draft patents and carry out prior art searches. With our privately hosted LLM, we iteratively ask users questions about their inventions to draft patents and to ensure a high level of patent detail. At the same time, our system compares the user's draft to the existing patents in our patent database, with over 100 million files, in order to certify that there's no overlap between the draft and the prior art.