Digital health startup Go Healthy announces a pre-seed investment


USI Startup Centre

27 March 2024

Go Healthy, a startup that develops a digital toolbox to increase psychotherapy efficacy by digitising paper-based processes led by Joy Bordini, has announced the first investment within its current pre-seed Angel round.


While there is an increasing demand for mental health support, therapists face a number of issues, including patients’ doubts about therapy effectiveness and a subsequent high dropout rate. The solution proposed by the Go Healthy team aims to tackle this issue through a digital toolbox for mental health professionals comprising a patient mobile app synced with a professional dashboard. The app educates and engages patients, facilitating continuous therapy practice with a series of suggestions and activities, while also collecting and organising their data for therapists. The dashboard for mental health professionals offers visual summaries and integrates patient data with standard therapy manuals, enhancing the therapeutic process.

The startup, founded in 2022 and currently in incubation at the USI Startup Centre, has reached several milestones, among which

  • Implementation of a randomized non-clinical trial with more than 500 participants to test its solution vis-à-vis the current protocol for onboarding new patients
  • Selection among 20 promising projects by Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster, powered by Innosuisse
  • Innocheque with Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence USI-SUPSI (IDSIA) for a preliminary study on its content profiling and recommendation model
  • Interest from big online therapy platforms

With this first angel investment from Dr. Katherine Schlatter, Go Healthy plans to further develop its product and obtain medical device software certification. The pre-seed round remains open until September 2024. 

Go Healthy is poised to augment the client-therapist alliance, a key part of therapeutic success”, said Dr. Schlatter, who was drawn to Go Healthy for its capability to securely analyse behavioural health data from smartphone devices and wearables.

CEO and co-founder Joy Bordini added, “Katherine brings the expertise that will help us further personalise treatment plans and enhance teamwork between the client and the therapist, together with her vast network of behavioural and mental health practitioners, researchers and investors.

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