The USI Startup Centre annual report for 2023 is out


Institutional Communication Service

27 May 2024

The report outlines key initiatives and focus areas of the USI Startup Centre, looks back on the activities carried out in 2023 and introduces 15 incubated startup projects building innovative solutions to tackle pressing needs in different sectors, from novel therapies to construction.

In 20 years of activity, the USI Startup Centre supported over 100 entrepreneurial projects. Their type, scope and profile evolved over time, together with the overall innovation ecosystem. The focus of the USI Startup Centre’s incubation programme also transitioned from a generic to a science-driven perspective tailored to early-stage projects with a strong scientific component originating from or linked to the local academic environment. 2023 marked the end of this transition and the full implementation of updated selection and coaching processes. Furthermore, the USI Startup Centre team focused on targeted community initiatives, in collaboration with faculties and research institutes, designed specifically to introduce students and researchers to entrepreneurship as a potential career path and foster the transition of high-potential innovative projects from labs and classrooms to the market.

The report provides a high-level overview of the progress made by 15 incubated startups that were supported by the USI Startup Centre over the course of 2023 featuring a brief profile for each of the projects. During the reporting year, these startups collectively counted over 40 full-time equivalents, raised a total of CHF 1.6M in funding, won over CHF 400K in the form of cash prizes, grants or vouchers through different competitions and support programmes and were involved in research and applied research projects with partners worth CHF1.3M in total.

Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including the academic community, experts, investors and industry partners, and developing strong collaborations remains a priority for the USI Startup Centre team. In 2023, a number of activities, including the signing of a framework partnership agreement with the Ticino Chamber of Commerce, the launch of an investor event series and collaborations with student associations, fostered the expansion of the USI Startup Centre network and created further synergies within the broader innovation ecosystem.