Appybros is a digital and user experience agency that believes in the potential of development and at the same time in the importance of user research. It helps companies that choose to innovate, giving value to digital transformation. Using an approach of co-design and design thinking, Appybros helps clients to build together a meaningful development path that puts together business objectives with people's needs.

Innovative web development services are at the core of Appybros activities, generating flourishing realities such as TestRapido, the first Covid Test (Rapid and PCR) booking software designed for pharmacies, medical offices and Kebook, a booking management software that can be customized and adapted to our client's requirements and use case.

Appybros strives to design strong and flexible digital products that work on the market and adapt to the most dynamic ecosystems:

  • Prototyping of applications and mobile-first websites
  • Design Sprint sessions (in presence and remote)
  • MVP(Minimum Viable Product)
  • Business applications and custom software

Appybros stands for innovation. Appybros stands for its ideas that become real services. For this reason it does not limit its activities to internal projects, but invests time in SaaS: Testrapido and Kebook.


Appybros had the opportunity to became a system integrator for Swiss Covid Certificate API by FOPH and FOITT (Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication). Addressing this challenge Appybros launched Testrapido, the first Covid Test (Rapid and PCR) booking software designed for pharmacies, medical offices, test centers and temporary test centers for cultural events and festivals. Testrapido also manages results, transmission of data to the Federal Office of Public Health and automatically generates QR codes for COVID certificates. This innovative software speeds up procedures and greatly increases the daily availability of tests.


Kebook is a booking management software created by listening to your needs, expressing your identity and connecting your company with customers. Kebook, created by dealing with bureaucratic complexities related to Covid-19, is the ideal solution for the management of complex systems. The team is able to completely customize the platform, both in terms of style and flow, completely adapting it to the specific needs of the customer. Lastly, getting started is so fast: SaaS services reduce initial investment costs by eliminating the need to purchase permanent software licenses or invest in an IT infrastructure like traditional software.