Arcadia wants to help build a world where all waste shall be recycled in a safe and natural way. It uses non-pathogenic bacteria, to transform waste into useful products for everyone.


Luca Colzani

CEO and Co-Founder – M.Sc. Aeronautical Eng.

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Global emissions of CO2 are estimated to be 42.2 billion tons per year. Concrete is ‘the silent killer’: “If concrete were a Country, it would be the world's third largest emitter of CO2, behind China and the United States”. To mitigate global emissions, we would have an inexhaustible resource available: wastes. But today, although some concrete is recycled, many tons lay unused in landfills.


Arcadia’s scope is making materials recyclable, infinitely. We produce building blocks and objects in a natural way, starting from waste materials and using non-pathogenic bacteria, harmless to humans and the environment. With Arcadia, we can recycle construction and wood waste into objects of many shapes. A product treated with Arcadia can be recycled endlessly.

Core technology

Waste is crushed and placed in molds, we add bacteria and nutrients and, after a few weeks the new biomaterial block is ready. Arcadia Bacteria produce a natural adhesive made of calcium carbonate (same material as corals and seashells) around the crushed particles that keeps them together. With Arcadia, up to 80% of CO2 saving is achieved compared to the production of concrete or wood incineration.