Bafunno Music Tech


Our product is a new generation patented mechanics for acoustic upright pianos, compatible with the existing piano production, which allows to obtain the performances of a grand piano on an upright piano. 
The inventor is a piano tuner and a piano mechanics engineer who won several awards for his invention and developed this technology through several years in order to enter the market now.


Professional pianists need to perform and study on grand pianos to improve their technique and reach the best performance as artists, but the most of them can't afford a grand piano for cost and space. The upright pianos currently on the market are small and cheap, but they don't satisfy professional pianists' needs.


Our mission is to renew the piano sector trough a democratic highly performing instrument, and we look to the future through new piano design concepts.


Pasquale Bafunno 
IP owner, piano tuner, technical piano engineer, music teacher, award-winning inventor.

Eleonora Bafunno 
Business development manager, multidisciplinary artist.