InkVivo 3Designs advanced delivery systems to solve one of the biggest challenges of current medications: the temporal release of active ingredients.


Elia Guzzi

Co-Founder, PhD in Biomedical Engineering

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The pharmaceutical industry has challenges in controlling the temporal release of their active ingredients. Medications are often formulated at high dosage and require frequent administration. This can result in side effects and complications. An example is the postoperative phase after orthopedic interventions, in which medicines are inefficiently given to control pain and tissue inflammation.



InkVivo’s drug delivery systems can be fabricated to fulfill specific requirements based on the clinical challenge and pharmaceutical needs. In the case of postoperative care, an implantable and resorbable system is being developed to locally release local analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The goal is to minimize the frequency of drug administration and to accelerate the recovery of the patients.


Core technology

InkVivo leverages a patented biomaterial platform in combination with advanced manufacturing technologies to fabricate drug delivery systems. The key advantage is the spatio-temporal control release obtained by the precise design of 3D drug delivery systems. Different type of active ingredients can be encapsulated in our system, broadening the range of clinical challenges that we solve.