The ecosystem of alpine innovation is home to many traditional SMEs that tend to be hostile or unable to change and adopt state-of-the-art ideas to improve their business. In addition, there are many start-ups with high innovation potential, which often have little experience and reduced access to established channels, and finally, there are also public and private actors who support enterprises through a range of services, but which are often fragmented, redundant, territorially limited and related to often only one field of knowledge (innovation, digitalization, internationalization or access to finance).

In the fourth call of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme, BE-READI ALPS (Business Economic Renewal to Enhance strAtegic Development and Innovation in Alpine Space) was approved for financing.

BE-READI ALPS intends to contribute to the enhancement of the innovative and digital fabric of the Alpine space, designing and testing initiatives to develop an Alpine living lab that stimulates traditional SMEs to launch a "second life", through the creation of value chains extended at interregional level. BE-READI ALPS is a regional economic policy project, with the support of the Economic Development Office of the Canton of Ticino and the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE.