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We participate in several Interreg programmes as part of our regional and international innovation ecosystem activities. These bring value to the startups within the USI Startup Centre network and open up new collaboration opportunities.


100% LOCAL

The EUSALP (EU Strategy for the Alpine Region) project focuses on the valorisation of Alpine agri-food short value chain (meaning all actors involved in the production, marketing and selling of products) that provide products fully produced and processed locally. 
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A-RING (Alpine Research and INnovation Capacity) is part of the European transnational cooperation programme for the Alpine region (Interreg Alpine Space programme). The main project goal is to establish the basis for an effective and permanent transnational cooperation among different levels and actors, to develop shared Research and Innovation (R&I) policies for the Alpine Region (AR). 
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BE-READI ALPS (Business Economic Renewal to Enhance strAtegic Development and Innovation in Alpine Space) is the fourth call of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. The Project intends to contribute to the enhancement of the innovative and digital fabric of the Alpine space, designing and testing initiatives to develop an Alpine living lab that stimulates traditional SMEs to launch a "second life", through the creation of value chains extended at interregional level. 
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  • AlpEnMAT

    AlpEnMAT fosters innovative technology and provides innovation at the level of cooperation among different sectors and actors for allowing a wider application of innovative energy and mobility technology, thus triggering related positive effects on more balanced territorial and sustainable development, improving the access to energy and information services, creating new labor and growth opportunities, and enhancing the quality of life and competitiveness of the Alpine Space.

    AlpEnMAT is an initiative of the Alpine Space Programme – European Territorial Cooperation – InterReg IV

    Funding agencies: ARE, Canton Ticino

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  • BISF - Business e Innovazione Senza Frontiere

    Business e Innovazione Senza Frontiere (BISF) is an Interreg Project that aims to encourage the development of innovation in the Como, Lecco, Lugano and Milan areas.

    This goal is achieved by:

    • scouting for innovative ideas in the territories involved
    • strengthening the business development of the incubated Start Up and Spin Off businesses of the four university incubators
    • offering support for internationalisation
    • providing young people with entrepreneurship-oriented training


    • transforming Accelerators into privileged interlocutors in the field of technological innovation of the territory
    • supporting the creation of new entrepreneurial initiatives, favouring openings also at international level

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  • CCdigitallaw

    The Competence Center in Digital Law (CC digital law) supports Swiss Higher Education Institutions (students, academic and administrative staff) in dealing with legal questions related to the digitalisation process and the use of new media and technologies. 
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    A project for the creation of a cross-border network to support the creation of innovative businesses, proposed by the Politecnico di Milano (Poli of Como and Lecco), the Business Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano, the Start-up Promotion Centre of Università della Svizzera italiana, Univercomo and Univerlecco.
    The project aims to strengthen the creation of new innovative entrepreneurship in the high-tech sector. In particular, it aims at the start-up of incubators and the promotion of strategic activities for the start-up of companies such as the analysis of technological scenarios, territorial knowledge management, the study of financial aid, the dissemination of acquired knowledge.



    The main aims of the SCALE(up)ALPS project are to foster the scaling up of Alpine Space (AS) startups and to brand the AS as a cooperative area for innovative businesses and job creation. The project is about improving funding opportunities, finding the talent and a skilled workforce, developing leadership and facilitating access to markets.

    The project's main outputs are:

    1. connecting AS ecosystem policies & communities of practice;
    2. selecting policies that expand the quantity and the quality of AS serial entrepreneurs and fast-growing scalable ventures;
    3. producing a mid-level feasibility plan with high level recommendations on start-up ecosystems’ growth and reducing fragmentation and therefore increasing collaboration across disciplines & stakeholders;
    4. designing & testing innovative public-private support schemes, matching corporates and capital, attracting talent, opening up market access and improving innovation within the entrepreneurial life cycle.

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  • SEE - Social Enterprising Europe

    Social Enterprising Europe (SEE) is a European project, co-financed by the Lifelong Learning / Grundtvig Programme of the European Union. The project aims to train and support potential social entrepreneurs in developing their projects in Ticino. It is therefore a multiplier project of entrepreneurship.

    Supporting social business means simultaneously promoting sustainable regional development, creating new jobs and responding to current social challenges. In particular, the project aims to:

    • Design and launch a training programme for social business;
    • The programme will then be continued as part of the training offer of the proposers, proposed by the Lifelong Learning Programme Fund

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