Fundraising 101: how to prepare for a funding round


USI Startup Centre

Date: 21 June 2021 / 17:00 - 18:00

Webinar orgnaized by USI Startup Centre in collaboration with LEVA. The key topic of the lecture will be: how you can prepare for your next funding round.


The webinar is meant to provide a comprehensive overview on how to prepare for a funding round. Preparation is key to succeed when it comes to early-stage fundraising. Thus, this interactive session will cover all the most important “Dos and Don’ts” that founders should be familiar with before reaching out potential investors. You will get the chance to interact with fundraising experts and ask your questions throughout the webinar. After the session, you should have a clear picture of what founders usually do to increase their chances of success. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive important suggestions to face your future fundraising process with confidence!




About LEVA:

Leva is a fund tech company that allows founders and investors to easily manage fundraising rounds. Through Leva, founders can understand the legal terms and generate all the necessary fundraising documentation digitally at a fraction of the market price. Leva allows startups to conveniently pool their shareholders as well, helping founders to keep a clean cap table and simplify administrative processes. Once the financing round is completed, founders can still benefit from Leva and save a lot of time by leveraging the platform to manage key stakeholders.