Four new incubated startups and their innovative solutions


USI Startup Centre

6 October 2023

On Wednesday, October 4th, the second edition of the Incubation Kick-off Pitch took place at the East Campus. The event aims to introduce innovative startup projects incubated at the USI Startup Centre to the academic community and create actionable connections.

Each startup had 10 minutes to pitch their solution, followed by a 10-minute Q&A with the audience composed of USI Startup Centre Scientific Board members, researchers, students, and innovation enthusiasts. This interactive format encourages discussion and provides an opportunity for presenting startups to gather valuable feedback and make connections that can lead to potential future joint activities, from Field Projects to research collaborations, to explore during the course of the incubation programme run by USI Startup Centre.

Over the next two years, the founders will continue developing their startup projects following a structured strategic pathway focused on validating the business model, proving traction, and raising further funds from investors. Throughout this journey, the entrepreneurs are supported by the USI Startup Centre team and external advisors, as well as by a growing community of like-minded individuals.


Presented startups

Go Healthy and Co is a startup that provides a digital toolbox for therapists, comprising a patient mobile app synced with a professional dashboard. The app educates and engages patients, collecting and organising their data for therapists. The dashboard offers visual summaries and integrates patient data with standard therapy manuals, enhancing the therapeutic process.

Healiva is a patient-centric Biotech startup that delivers personalised, affordable, and innovative therapy combining cell therapies, enzyme technology and medical devices for Acute and Chronic wounds, bridging a major gap in the current treatment paradigm.

Jobelink is an online platform also available as an App developed to facilitate research, comparison and communication between clients and professionals from different sectors. It is easy to use and allows freelancers and SMEs to establish an online presence without creating a website while helping clients find the right expert in a few clicks. 

MicThera is a spin-off of the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR) that develops pharmacological treatments for prostate cancer that help standard therapies work better and delay the development of severe forms of the disease. Its innovative approach tackles an urgent medical need to identify novel therapeutic strategies that prevent resistance in Prostate Cancer treatment.
The full list of incubated startups is available here.