USI Startup Centre offers valuable and targeted support to incubated startups to help them attain their business objectives, in whichever development stage they find themselves in. Listed below are the main categories of services provided.



During the incubation process, USI Startup Centre offers proactive and genuine support through the competent and earnest work of many specialised coaches, who allocate their time to help find viable solutions and business models that and can help realise the innovative ideas of startuppers.


Each stage of incubation requires specific tools which USI Startup Centre can provide, starting from the analysis of the initial business idea, leading to the detailed definition of the project, and finally the presentation to prospect investors.


Setting up a company goes hand in hand with having an adequate place to work and operate in. USI Startup Centre has offices and open spaces at the brand new Lugano East Campus, with many possibilities to interact with other proactive and business-minded individuals.


Training is an essential element for the development of a startup, to grow its business but also to refine its managerial and personal skills. Also, training for early-stage startups is a meaningful way to foster startup culture and community.

USI Startup Centre organises and/or promotes a variety of training courses to help prepare startuppers for the challenging entrepreneurial world.

Here below a list of Innosuisse training modules for startups incubated at USI Startup Centre: