Through our incubation programme, we support early-stage science-driven innovative startup projects that developed a Proof of Concept (PoC), have a clear potential to scale and a link to the training and research activities of USI, SUPSI or other local academic institutions. The applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. The candidates are expected to provide an overview of the project, including problem, solution (Invention), competition, and target customers, as well as demonstrate that the team has relevant background and expertise in terms of technology and market knowledge.

If you are still in the ideation phase, we support aspiring founders through our desk service, where you can receive initial feedback on your startup idea, get our recommendations for the next steps, or better understand the path to enter into the incubation programme.


  • Desk

    1-hour one-to-one meeting with a member of the USC team aimed at providing first feedback to aspiring entrepreneurs at the initial stage of idea development.

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  • Incubation programme

    A structured programme designed to facilitate the development of high-potential early-stage innovative startup projects within a supportive entrepreneurial network.

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