Who we are

USI Startup Centre is the centre of gravity for the entrepreneurial community on campus.

We bring together researchers, students, entrepreneurs and business people to enable the creation and development of science-based innovative projects. Our activities range from informal gatherings, knowledge-sharing sessions and pitching events to investor meetings, training and strategic coaching.

Our flagship initiative is the incubation programme, within which we select promising projects and help the founders transform their inventions into innovative startups capable of attracting funding and bringing their products to the market.

Furthermore, we dedicate time to support aspiring entrepreneurs in navigating the initial phase of idea development through the “Desk” service. In addition, our team continues designing and implementing activities aimed at growing a diverse and supportive innovation community where entrepreneurial projects take shape, further developing our investor and partner networks, forging strategic alliances and improving our offering to startups and innovators.



"I had some ideas in mind but no structured project yet. I wanted to understand what resources and support I could potentially receive from USI Startup Centre in my specific case and get some initial feedback on how to get started. This is why an informal conversation without having to fill long application forms was perfect for me."

Katerina Rigana, PhD in Finance (USI), Teaching Assistant at ETH AI Center