Elysium Lab


Elysium Digital Wallet technology has redefined the concept of Self-Custody and increased security ownership in a simple experience. Like a Neo-Bank for digital assets, but peer-to-peer.




Elysium addresses the cumbersome entry into cryptocurrencies by replacing complex seed phrases with a user-friendly, secure multi-factor algorithm. It tackles the challenge of managing digital assets across blockchains and aligns with regulatory standards for identity verification.



Elysium revolutionizes digital asset management with user-friendly onboarding, eliminating traditional seed phrases through a multi-factor algorithm. It simplifies asset management with autonomous operations and ensures compliance with KYC and AML by merging digital and physical identities.

Core technology

Elysium's Multi-Factor login Algorithm revolutionizes self-custody by allowing keys restore using user-selected multiple unit factors, eliminating the need for traditional key storage. Its Intention-Based Transaction system simplifies asset management by enabling users to pre-approve actions, automating the execution process and making transactions seamless and user-friendly.