Foldcast provides technology for the construction industry that enables to make the building processes more efficient and sustainable, by saving material, resources, and money in structural concrete elements.​




Concrete is by far the most used building material, being responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions. Despite the demand for new buildings is always increasing, today strategies to reduce concrete consumption in buildings are not implemented, due to lack of flexibility of traditional metal or wooden moulds that are expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful when used for optimized structures.



Foldcast offers a revolutionary solution: the use of paper as material for moulds. We provide technology to produce low-cost and recyclable paper-based moulds that enable to optimize the use of concrete in structural elements with no extra costs. This results in a 40% reduction of the carbon footprint of concrete structures, with the added value of unique architectural designs.


Core technology

Our technology includes software and digital machines for the design and cutting of paper cut-outs that are then assembled into a mould and used for concrete casting. After the hardening time, the mould can be removed and reused multiple times or fully recycled. Our modular software enables planners to design optimized concrete structures, while automating the production of custom paper-based moulds.