Go Healthy & Co


Go Healthy provides a digital toolbox to help mental health services increase therapy efficacy by digitising paper-based processes.



Out of 3 billion people interested in improving their mental health, only 10% seek professional help and 60% drop therapy. We interviewed over 400 potential patients and found that long-term costs and doubts about therapy effectiveness are major pitfalls. Additionally, the psychological care process relies heavily on paper-based tools, indicating a need for modernization.



Go Healthy provides a digital toolbox for therapists, comprising a patient mobile app synced with a professional dashboard. The app educates and engages patients, collecting and organizing their data for therapists. The dashboard offers visual summaries and integrates patient data with standard therapy manuals, enhancing the therapeutic process.


Core technology

Go Healthy's digital toolbox uses smartphones to collect patient data. It employs a recommendation system for personalized therapy content presentation, including gamification, and integrates diverse smartphone data with mental health manuals to track therapy responses and engagement.