Healiva is a patient-centric Swiss Biotech company delivering personalised, affordable, and innovative therapy combining cell therapies, enzyme technology and medical device for Acute and Chronic wounds.


Priyanka Dutta-Passecker

CEO & Founder, MBA, PhD in Neuroscience

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2-3% of the elderly suffer from venous/arterial ulcers and nearly 25% of diabetics may develop diabetic foot ulcers in their lifetimes. This figure is set to rise with the increasing of contributing factors: diabetes, advanced age and obesity. About ≈60% of chronic wounds remain unhealed. There remains a major gap in the current treatment paradigm leaving society with poor quality of life.



Enzymatic debriding agent: painless, easy-to-use and more effective for wound cleaning and preparation
Epidermal cell graft: personalized treatment for the most severe chronic wounds
Healiva 002
Allogenic cell spray: growth factor stimulation with ability to scale to large number of patients
Healiva 004
Blood component patch: autologous patch prepared at Point of Care by healthcare professional


Who cares about our innovation?​

  • Patients will benefit from improved quality of life and reduced pain, eliminating the burden of living with a chronic wound.
  • Healthcare providers and hospitals will benefit from increased choice with a novel solution for wound management.
  • Healthcare Systems will benefit from more effective alternatives to many of the existing products, carrying the potential for cost reduction.