Jobelink is an online platform available also as an App developed to facilitate research, comparison and communication between clients and professionals from different sectors.




Every day, people struggle with problems and don’t have time/knowledge to solve them, from a lamp to be repaired to an English course to finding a dog sitter. On the other hand, thousands of professionals don’t know how to reach their potential customers.



Jobelink offers a unique experience by providing a convenient and flexible solution for individuals and businesses to tackle various tasks and errands. Some of the unique aspects and experiences of our solution include:
  • local providers
  • broad spectrum of tasks
  • flexibility for clients to specify their task requirements, including date, time & budget
  • it’s free with no hidden fees


Core technology

We have developed both the website and the app internally, allowing us to modify or add new features as needed easily. For service providers, the Jobelink profile functions as a business website at no additional cost, and this is very important because 40% of SME don’t have an online presence. Moreover, Jobelink provides access to a pool of potential customers for their businesses.