MicThera is a pioneering startup, fusing science and innovation, that harnesses microbiota's power to develop bacterial-derived therapeutics.



Prostate cancer (PC) is the most common cancer in men and a major cause of cancer mortality. PC initially responds to therapy, but resistance, which is usually lethal, emerges in 10% of all diagnosed PC. Once diagnosed with resistance, the 2nd line therapy starts, but often patients will develop resistance and metastases. Identifying novel therapeutic strategies that prevent resistance in PCa remains an urgent medical need.



MicThera pioneers bacterial-derived therapeutics to enhance PC therapies. Our research reveals that PC treatment impacts gut microbiota negatively, while patients with good prognosis exhibit higher Prevotella spp. levels, emphasizing the critical link between patient survival and gut microbiota composition. MicThera is investigating bacterial effector molecules generated by Prevotella spp.


Core technology

MicThera technology leverages microbial-derived therapeutics, harnessing the power of beneficial microorganisms to create innovative treatments, to be developed as potential therapeutic hits. In contrast to traditional probiotic approaches, we harness the full potential of bacteria through a deep understanding of their effector molecules' impact on the host.