Talent4gig empowers HR and technical hiring managers with data-lead insights to create world-class software engineering teams.


Nicola Palumbo

Founder and CEO

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Companies are spending millions in recruiting and they still fail to identify the right tech skills and candidates. Their recruitment process is time-consuming therefore they have to invest a lot of internal and external resources to understand and identify the right skill set for their requirements.



T4G web platform solves tech assessments problems using an AI-Driven skill verification engine providing 100% bias-free assessment of candidates' skills in under 5 seconds and converts into an easily understandable and meaningful profile.


Core technology

Our AI model can score/benchmark/rank Tech Candidates by evaluating how they write computer programs freeing up executives and recruiters to concentrate on the more creative and interpersonal aspects of the recruitment process.
Our engine analyzes millions of public and private repositories and builds a benchmark model which can verifies skills of any software developer. The increasing demand from companies to be helped with soft skills analysis made talent4gig develop a process to detect soft skills specifically for software engineers.