At USI Startup Centre, Community is written with a capital C

An effective way to realise the three main goals of USI Startup Centre - Foster an entrepreneurial culture; Serve/Engage the startup community; Support early-stage startups - is to organise, promote, be involved in, and propose events for its community. All year long, USI Startup Centre engages in events for its community members, many of which are open to the public and, most importantly, to the wider ecosystem of innovation in the region. To take part in these activities means discovering the world of innovation, meeting inspiring people, exchanging best practices, and more. In addition, the different event locations – USI Startup Centre headquarters at the new Lugano East Campus, USI Lugano West Campus, and Il Litorale USI at the Maghetti district in the city centre of Lugano – represent the key elements of this dynamic atmosphere.


Communities at USI Startup Centre can form and develop very informally. This is why the energizing events it organises are designed especially for startuppers from the USI Startup Centre and the Ticino academic community, including students, researchers and professors. Sharing ideas, giving advice and having casual talks in a familiar environment generates the right energy for success.


Connecting events organised by USI Startup Centre are open to everybody: startuppers, investors, coaches, the Ticino academic community, etc. One of the main goals is to provide a platform where startuppers can present their ideas in front of a broad audience, ask questions and receive feedback. These events offer an opportunity to join the innovation ecosystem and establish valuable connections for the startuppers’ growth path.

Other events

Other events includes already existing events in which USI Startup Centre is involved, either in a supporting role or as a co-organiser, or simply events the Centre suggests attending, even though it is not directly involved in them.